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Big Issues !! with NVIDIA 9600 GS driver version

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  • Big Issues !! with NVIDIA 9600 GS driver version

    I am running Windows Vista Home premium Service Pack 2, Intel Core Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz, 4GB ram, 32bit operating system have been for for last two years.

    Everything has been going fine, keeping ALL !! my drivers up to date !!

    until I upgrade JUST RECENTLY my NVIDIA 9600 GS driver to version (driver date: 7/01/2011). BIG ISSUES !! Now I can't even surf youtube without video being flakey and sometimes locking and freezing. And Call of Duty 4 is terrible - just runs rediculously slow even when I turned the graphics / screen res etc. right down, its just a joke.

    Tried rolling back & doing a full uninstall then reinstall, and all the rest, NO SUCCESS !!

    So I'm stuck with this NVIDIA 9600 GS driver version The only way I'm going to fix it at this rate is to do a full restore / format, but I'm not going to waste my time on a problem thats not mine !!


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    The current nVidia driver is version for this card is 266.58

    So are you sure you have the latest release?
    What was the problem rolling back?