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  • Computer help.

    First of all, i'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm new here ): . So i apologize in advance!

    Now, i've just built a computer that i'm looking to buy this week, hopefully. My budget is $1000-1100ish right now and then i'll upgrade later on, maybe.

    I'll be gaming on this computer as well as doing school work (I'm going to college for Game Programming, this will be my first year). I would like to play games on max, or close to max and still hold nice FPS. I do not have an lcd monitor so don't worry too much about resolution right now. I'll be using a L1916W Acer Monitor, for now. Here is my potential computer:

    Thanks in advance for any support/criticism!

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    Are your sure the Intel LGA1156 heatsink is compatible with the AM3 Phenom?

    If you are doing a lot of programming I would suggest dual monitors. SSD would also be nice, but out of the budget.

    Maybe you can get a 4 core CPU (instead of 6) and get a 500GB drive instead of 1TB, then get a 2nd monitor.


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      Would you still recommend i go with AMD or switch to intel? Also, is the video card good? For gaming now on decently high and future games to be released?


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        Intel have better high end chips at the moment.
        But AMD are better value at the low end.

        I would pick the Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz ahead of the 1090T. And the price difference is only $10 or $20. The performance per Core for the i5 is much higher, and it is more power efficient. (Not may tasks will use the 6 cores in the 1090T)


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          Is the video card alright? or should i upgrade it?

          I just made that one, with the CPU that you recommended, can i save anymore so i can get another monitor?

          Feel free to make one, and forward !
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            There are some good recommendations here,

            Gaming machines