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Really strange benchmarks

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  • Really strange benchmarks

    Hello all,
    Ive just got an Core I& Sandy Bridge 2630QM and things are really strange!
    The first surprise is that my system got a 891 benchmark from passmark. Its pratically a core2duo!
    When I try testing with HD benchmark 4, I got 18fps and everyone is getting at least 25 fps.
    My windows experience index on the processor is 5.9.
    On CPU-Z it says that the core speed is 798.2 mhz. What about the 2.0ghz?
    Every single indicator is way lower that it was suposed to be.
    Can someone help me? Ive looking for an answer everywhere and I cant find it!

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    If 891 was overall score, what as the CPU Mark figure?

    Also see this post to start with.
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      That was the CPU number

      The number Ive mentioned was the CPU number. Ive done the test again and now Ive got a 1145 score with no reason. Nothing was running on the backgound on both tests. Any idea? The laptop is brand new and formatted. Thanks!


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        Again see this post to start with,
        Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

        There are lot of things mentioned in this post to check. Temperatures, power supply, BIOS settings, 32bit vs 64bit, etc..