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Intel Core i5-2520M - CPU Benchmark Specs Correct

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  • Intel Core i5-2520M - CPU Benchmark Specs Correct

    The Passmark CPU Benchmark specs for the above chip currently show 1737 as the Passmark CPU Mark and a Rank of 361.

    These marks suggest to me that the i-2520m is a pretty lousy processor as compared with the other Sandy Bridge i5s: i5-2410m and i5-2540m, both of which are in the 3300+ PassMark CPU range.

    Does anyone know if the specs are legit for the 2520m? Or are the specs for the 2410m and 2540m incorrect? Thanks in advance as this information is helping drive a laptop purchase decision.

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    Thank God!

    Thank God someone showed up with the same problem that Iīm having! I have a Core I7 2630QM and the passmark benchmarks are horrible! Iībe got a 1145 on the last test Iīve made! And I get diferent results everytime!
    Have you tried x264 HD Benchmark 4? Itīs another way to test your system. Try to run it and letīs compare our results to see if it is our system or the software thatīs wrong!


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      At the moment (11/April/2011) we only have 1 sample for a machine with the 2520M CPU.

      So the result probably isn't all that accurate. That is to say the machine probably running in an optimal setup when the benchmark was made (e.g. it might have been a laptop on battery power rather than mains power).

      Marcelo, if you read the original post, you'll see he doesn't actually have your problem, nor your CPU (at least not yet).


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        Ok thanks Admin. Battery power could certainly be a reason.


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          You are right...

          I know his CPU itīs not like mine, but it is also a sandy bridge, and I know his problem isnīt exactly the same, but he was also getting low results, so I thought that another test could help the both of us.
          Anyway, the problem here is really bad. Some moments the processor is behaving like a core2duo, so the problem itīs not passmark, itīs the laptop itself. So, Iīm sending it back. Itīs a shame because it is a nice laptop.
          Thank you for the support.


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            but he was also getting low results
            You didn't read the post. 3v3rlord was only thinking he might buy a laptop with this CPU. He doesn't have one yet.


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              My mistake...

              Now Iīm
              Iīm really sorry about that. Youīre right. I didnīt pay enough attention! Iīm so desperate to see whatīs wrong with my system that Iīm seeing
              Iīm really sorry about that!