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  • Video Card Benchmark List

    I am loving the video card benchmark list this site has provided.

    But I think it should have at least one more column of data, the expansion slot for each video card. The list is a great tool to browse for shopping, and knowing what the card plugs into (ie. integrated, ISA, PCI, AGP/4x/8x, PCI-x...) at a glance would be a great help. Although I am aware it would take quite a bit of work to find all of that data now if it wasn't already recorded.

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    Yes, we don't have this data. But ISA, AGP and PCI-X cards are now pretty much ancient history. PCI-E is really the only current technology. So the real different is between video integrated in the motherboard chipset, or discrete cards. As a general rule integrated video is rather slow, and of course you can't buy it separately (so it won't have a price next to it in the charts). All the top cards are discrete PCI-E cards.