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  • Dual Xeons Slow Mark

    Proliant DL380 G5 Slow CPU

    I just acquired a new server and after setting it up it seems slow. There are 2 Xeon Quad-Core 2.0 GHZ CPU's. I have installed a fresh copy of Server 2008R2. When I do the benchmark tests my desktop scores more points. Checked all the firmware updates. Ran Smart Start Diagnostics on ALL hardware. Enabled BBWC and battery on controller is good. Runs the same with or without and added nVidia 512mb video card.

    Passmark Results:
    PassMark(TM) PerformanceTest 7.0
    Results generated on: Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Benchmark Results
    Test Name: This Computer
    CPU - Integer Math: 1876.6
    CPU - Floating Point Math: 2469.8
    CPU - Find Prime Numbers: 783.4
    CPU - SSE: 14.6
    CPU - Compression: 8476.5
    CPU - Encryption: 24.9
    CPU - Physics: 334.1
    CPU - String Sorting: 3588.3
    Graphics 2D - Solid Vectors: 1.0
    Graphics 2D - Transparent Vectors: 1.0
    Graphics 2D - Complex Vectors: 93.7
    Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text: 93.4
    Graphics 2D - Windows Interface: 57.3
    Graphics 2D - Image Filters: 174.9
    Graphics 2D - Image Rendering: 248.9
    Graphics 3D - Simple: 111.2
    Graphics 3D - Medium: 45.2
    Graphics 3D - Complex: 14.5
    Graphics 3D - DirectX 10: 1.3
    Memory - Allocate Small Block: 2513.5
    Memory - Read Cached: 1761.1
    Memory - Read Uncached: 1555.2
    Memory - Write: 1478.1
    Memory - Large RAM: 5564.5
    Disk - Sequential Read: 125.2
    Disk - Sequential Write: 122.1
    Disk - Random Seek + RW: 30.8
    CPU Mark: 5351.0
    2D Graphics Mark: 211.0
    Memory Mark: 1865.3
    Disk Mark: 1005.9
    3D Graphics Mark: 115.6
    PassMark Rating: 928.6

    System information: This Computer
    CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    Number of CPU: 2
    Cores per CPU: 4
    CPU Type: Intel Xeon E5335 @ 2.00GHz
    CPU1 Speed: 2000.2 MHz
    CPU2 Speed:
    Cache size: 4096KB
    O/S: Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
    Total RAM: 16381.9 MB.
    Available RAM: 14143.0 MB.
    Video settings: 1280x1024x32
    Video driver:
    BIOS: Version
    DATE: 8-3-2011
    Drive Letter: C
    Total Disk Space: 74.2 GBytes
    Cluster Size: 4.0 KBytes
    File system: NTFS

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    The Xeon E5335 isn't a speed daemon. It was launched 4 and a half years ago at a fairly low clock speed.

    Being so old, it of course compares rather badly to new machines. The Xeon E5335 is about on par with a new low powered laptop. Sorry to be the one to tell you.


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      Thanks alot for telling me. Still usefull for some things.