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Intel graphic cards identification

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  • Intel graphic cards identification


    I have some issues with identifying some of the Intel graphic cards.
    While checking your website and looking at charts I came across these cards: Intel Media Accelerator, Intel HD and Intel HD Family.
    Could you tell me to which card does the "Intel Media Accelerator HD" in the chart refer to? Is this Intel GMA HD - if so, which one?

    I also looked for the Intel HD family and I am not sure what graphic card it is.

    Is this a single graphic card or the passmark score is for the whole series of Intel HD?

    Then, which video card is the "Intel HD"?
    I am totally lost now. They all seem to be the same to me...

    I want to buy myself a new laptop and I don't know for which video cards to look for...
    Also, the "Rank" column in the searchable video card list and the "G3D Mark" (in charts) refer to the graphic cards performance only?
    Thank you.

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    Intel keeps changing the name of their "cards". Plus they don't identify them correctly in their drivers. They just give them vague names like "HD".

    So at the moment it is hard to work out where they rank. Sorry. But they are all pretty poor compared to discrete cards.

    You would be better off searching the baseline database for the laptop's name.


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      Intel HD referred to the entire series of Intel HD video chips. So it was a mix of video CPUs from dozens of CPU types, both mobile and desktop.

      What we have done today is rename the video chips from being just Intel HD to Intel HD <CPU name>.

      So for example, if you were looking for a laptop with the Intel HD i7-2820QM CPU/GPU then you can find the benchmark stats here,

      This should be much more useful than just having every Intel chip grouped together.