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  • Downloadable CSV of Benchmark Results

    Hi Passmark,

    First of all, I looked around for something like this but didn't see it anywhere. If I somehow just missed it, please let me know. With that, here's my question/suggestion:

    It would be extremely useful for making purchase decisions if the benchmark charts could be sorted and filtered. For example, it would be great if you could view only products with a score over x, and then sort those results by price in order to find the cheapest product that met some specific performance requirement. It would be fantastic if this could be done online, but I understand that this would require pretty major changes to the site. Perhaps, however, you could make results downloadable as a CSV (or similar) file, so that they could be imported into Excel (or similar software, or even parsed by a custom program/script), and sorted/filtered as users feel is appropriate. As a bonus, it would be fantastic if various other aspects of the product were included so that the results could be filtered based on those aspects, too. For example, it would be useful to be able to filter processors by number of cores/threads or clock speed, or to filter drives by capacity. As an even better bonus (and I'm not sure if you even store this info, so it might not be possible), it would be really fantastic if the individual test scores were included (for example, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 results for GPU tests), so that results could be sorted by that as well if a device was needed with a specific level of performance under a certain type of workload.

    Is there any possibility that some or all of these features will be implemented in the future?

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    We license the data and supply it as CSV.

    But the CPU Mega page has sorting and some limited filtering.

    There is also more sorting & filtering available of individual results in the PerformanceTest software.