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  • PT9 feedback

    Hopefully this will not be thought of as a complaint. On my system I have a second monitor that maxs out at 1024x768, the laptop screen is a HDPI at about 3400x2200. When I put the system into duplicate the screens mode, the primary screen 'dumbs down' (understood not a problem to me). The issue is that the PT program appears to be attempting to run itself to the native mode of the laptop and necessary controls to run the program are off the screen and unavailable. This is a real hassle.
    Another user interface concern is that when a performance run completes, if the user mistakenly says to post the results and the application decides that it is a duplicate and unneeded the program finishes and the user never gets to investigate the new numbers.
    Al Edlund

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    1024x768 isn't really a high enough resolution to run the software. We kind of assume you have 1200 or greater resolution.
    But you should be able to resize the window down to just fit in a 1024 and still see all the buttons.

    All the benchmark results are stored locally. So there shouldn't be anything that is lost, even if you can't upload the results.