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  • Need help upgrading components


    In september 2015 I bought a pre-build Lenovo desktop for around 800 - 900 euros.
    Now I feel like my PC is starting to be a little outdated on some components. Mainly I want to switch out or add an extra GPU and more RAM.

    For my RAM I've got 1 x 8 GB memory card in it, which I think I can upgrade to a decent amount of memory (since I've got 3 rims unused)
    Same goes for my GPU which I am pretty sure I can add an extra GPU card for some better gaming Graphics (my aim for the PC is gaming and live streaming)
    Although I am not sure if it's worth getting two GPU's running instead of one that's better.
    Currently I am running on a Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 and I am not to unsatisfied about the performance of it, though I like to get some better graphics for future happenings.
    Also I have no clue on what points to look at for well performance and it's value.

    Now I don't know all my precise specs, though I can post a few below.
    With any help or suggestion where to find my specific specs I can provide more if necessary.

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
    RAM: 8 GB (not sure what kind of DDR or anything)
    GPU: NVIDA GeForce GTX 750

    I have no clue about the available power supply motherboard, or the cooling etc.

    If anyone can help me with some suggestions for a not to pricey upgrades that'd be great.
    Also if you need more information about my build, let me know. I can run a performance test or anything that's necessary to get mor information.

    I hope someone out there is able to help

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    The GTX 750 isn't all that old, but it is a relatively slow card by today's standards. It was rated as 55W power usage. But the fast cards like the GTX 1070 use a lot more power (e.g. 150W). So you need to check the power supply can deal with this and that there is space in the case.

    You'll need to remove the GTX750 when you upgrade. There is no point having two cards installed, unless they are identical cards, in SLI.