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AMD HD 7850 better than HD 7870 and GTX 590?

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  • AMD HD 7850 better than HD 7870 and GTX 590?

    How can it be?

    According to this chart, HD 7850 is much better than HD 7870 and even outperforms GTX 590 in Video benchmark test. It can't be right?

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    Yup something is going on as a 7870 is superior to a 7850 in every way. The GTX 590 is a dual GPU card so its like running SLI. Since Nvidia will not support PT in its drivers PT is only testing a single GPU. Same goes for AMD Crossfire.

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      Should be OK now.
      There is a small number of samples at the moment for the 7870 and one really really bad result was pulling down the average. Still not much in it however. Average should get more accurate over the next few weeks.