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Ryzen vs i7 7700

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  • Ryzen vs i7 7700

    Hi guys, I'm a programmer who also plays games now and then. I was almost ready to buy a new desktop PC with i7 7700 when I heard about the AMD Ryzen.

    I'm planning to use Intellij, Java, Angular, Oracle, probably some VMs, also Android Studio with the emulator.

    Will Ryzen's 8 Cores, 16 Threads make a big difference for programming compared to i7's 4 Cores, 8 Threads?


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    It is hard to know at the moment because,
    1) There hasn't been comprehensive benchmarking done on all the Ryzen CPUs yet.
    2) We don't know how well threaded the tools you are using are. Nor how threaded your code is. Do any of the tools really use more than 4 threads? Things like running multiple VMs are clearly highly threaded and so will benefit. But it isn't so clear for the other tools.

    Update: Some RYZEN results are now in the CPU charts.