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Integrated 2D graphics better than dedicated?

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  • Integrated 2D graphics better than dedicated?

    Comparing benchmarks, the integrated Intel HD 630 shows better 2D results than a dedicated GTX 1050 Ti (902 vs 748 points).

    Does this mean that a 630 will outperform a 1050 Ti in real-life 2D tasks? I would expect it to be the other way around, and wonder if the results are influenced by other variables.

    Context: I am looking at solutions to drive a 4K display for Photoshop/Lightroom and daily tasks, no gaming, no video editing. The idea was to get a 1050 Ti and upgrade my CPU later, but if a new CPU works equally well (if not better), it makes more sense to spend the graphics card money on more CPU power and RAM.

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    2D results are also dependant on the CPU power as well as the GPU. Not all 2D tasks are accelerated by the video card.
    The cost of the video card doesn't relate very well to its 2D performance.


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      Thanks David. I found a direct test comparison, with the 1050 Ti outperforming the HD 630 by about 20% in Photoshop.


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        It would depend on what functions in Photoshop you benchmark. Some have GPU acceleration, some don't.