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AMD A10 4600m vs Intel 3210m benchmark scores

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  • AMD A10 4600m vs Intel 3210m benchmark scores

    I know the 3210m has more samples than the A10 but can someone explain how the A10 scores higher than the I5? From everything I've read the I5 should lead with CPU power. Do the benchmark scores also include the GPU side also?

    I am looking at getting a laptop with one of theses processors to use as a mobile digital audio workstation. I will be using it with pro tools if anyone needs to know that.

    So if anyone can enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    The CPU benchmarks don't include the GPU.

    The AMD A10-4600M is a quad core CPU running at 3200Mhz (in turbo).
    The Intel Core i3-2310M is a dual core CPU running at 2100Mhz with no turbo.

    So the AMD chip has twice the number of cores and a 52% higher clock speed. So it is easy to explain why it might be faster.

    BUT if you were running an application that was only single threaded or dual threaded, then I would imagine that the two CPUs are pretty close in performance.


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      Thank you David for the info, I appreciate it. But I was referring to the Ivy Bridge I5-3210M not the I3 2310M. That was my fault for not making that clear, my apologies for my lack of specifics.

      Does the same still apply with one being a quad core and the other a hyper-threaded dual core with turbo boost? Also, with testing performance how much does the level 3 cache help?

      Thank you again for your info and to all who post. I'm just trying to see how the benchmark results will translate to real world use. And then decide which one will work the best for me.


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        Opps, I didn't read the initial post very well.

        The I5-3210M is also dual core, but with hyperthreading. So 4 virtual cores, which isn't as good as having 4 real cores.

        So these 2 CPUs are fairly close when all 4 cores are used.
        In the case of a single threaded application the
        I5-3210M should crush the A10.

        Not such as easy choice between them however. As you also need to consider the GPU in each of the CPUs, and of course the price.