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  • Low 3D Graphics score


    I recently ran your performance test because my graphic card was acting up. I finally found out it was because of a buildup of dust in the fan. It works fine again now, but my passmark for 3D graphics is still much lower than the online comparison passmark for my video card.

    I have a Sager NP5160 laptop with an i7 8 cores @ 2.00gHz and 6 GB of RAM. My GPU is an Nvidia Geforce GT 540m on a 64-bit version of Windows 7. The summary shows my video card as Intel HD Graphics Family with 2837MB of memory. I have tried updating the driver for this from the Sager website, but an error comes up each time, so I still have a driver from 11-28-2010, though I got the computer in April of 2011.

    Online it says that the normal passmark for this video card is 728 or something like that, but I am only receiving 268. This was even lower (around 150) before I had cleaned out the dust.

    3D Simple: 215.8
    3D Medium: 86.3
    3D Complex: 28.8
    3D DirectX 10: 4.63

    Why is this or how can I improve it?

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    I looked up the Sager web site to try and find the full specs for the machine. But according to the web site,
    "NP5160 is not a valid model number!"

    Anyway I am guessing you have dual video cards. A poor performing one in the CPU and another faster discrete GPU.

    You do need to get the drivers updated, as the video card drivers are updated very rapidly.

    You should be able to switch between the 2 GPUs. See this FAQ for details,
    (to be honest having 2 video cards in a laptop often adds more complexity that it is worth).


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      Hey David,

      Thanks for the reply! You might also find it under the name Clevo w150HN.

      I will try your solution and will let you know.


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        It increased the score to 480, but not the 730 that I'm supposed to get.


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          Still not a bad improvement
          150 ==> 268 ==> 480

          What was the latest improvement due to?

          How are your CPU scores? The CPU also impacts the 3D result.


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            Hey David,

            150 was before I cleaned out my fan and got rid of all the dust that had accumulated. 268 was after that and 480 was after I changed the Nvidia settings in the control panel.

            My cpu received a mark of 3425.8


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              You said you are using a "i7 8 cores" in a laptop.
              But I don't think there is any such CPU.

              A CPUMark of 3400 put you about in line with the Intel Core i3-2100T


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                That's not good. I have an Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz, which shows up 8 times in the device manager. This is supposed to get a passmark of 6300, though. I'm worried about my computer
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                  The Core i7-2630QM is a 4 core CPU, not 8 core. You might be seeing 8 as a result of hyperthreading.

                  There is a long list of things here that might be causing slow CPU performance,