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GTX 670 4GB vs 2GB

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  • GTX 670 4GB vs 2GB

    I'm not sure what GPU was tested on some of the GPU benchmarks.

    From PC Case Gear website you can see that the GTX 670 is available in both 2GB and 4GB versions.

    Also same with GTX 680.

    I gather beacuse their benchmarks are higher than the GTX 690, that they are all 4GB.

    Would it be possible to split the GTX 670 and GTX 680 benchmarks into 4GB and 2GB?

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    The amount of RAM doesn't impact the speed of the video card for the majority of 3D applications (at least when talking about 2GB or 4GB). There are a minority of apps that use a huge amount of video RAM, but our 3D benchmark isn't one of them.


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      OK. Thanks David. I've learnt something new.

      Another Qn - why do GTX 670 and 680 outperform the 690 in the Benchmark?


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        The GTX 690 is a dual GPU card. Which means it uses SLI.
        But SLI only works in a limited number of applications (mostly the AAA games).

        In PerformanceTest V8 there is Improved SLI & Crossfire support so we are expecting the PT8 results to show cards like the GTX 690 as performing better.

        For more background on SLI see these older posts,