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Best computer to do SSD SATA3 BurnInTest

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  • Best computer to do SSD SATA3 BurnInTest

    I'm looking for the best computer to test new SSD drives that we'll assembly in our factory. I've searched on Internet but the best motherbord that I found had just 6 native ports of Sata3 (6 GB/s). Someone knows one motherboard that comes with more than 6 Sata3 ports?

    Use PCI expansion ports is an interesting solution? (Keep in mind that we can't have any loss of performance on tests due to this approach of use PCI connection instead of native sata3 connection). Thanks for any help.

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    The motherboard will be limited by the chipsets they use. So I would be suprised if you found one with more than 6 SATA3 ports.

    The higher end PCI cards should give good performance.


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      There are many boards with more than 6. Look at the ASUS P8Z77 series just for example. IIRC, I recently saw one with 16. You're just not looking hard enough.


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        I think you are confusing SATA2 and SATA3. I don't think you are looking hard enough at the spec sheet
        The ASUS P8Z77 only has 2 x SATA3 ports.


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          Right you are. I should blame that slip on my dogs who were carrying on at the time I read that post, but I won't!

          Anyway, I was curious about how many ports you could get one one board and found this monster: But it's not clear to me what speed they all run at. Even so, 22 SATA ports on one mobo must be some kind of record.