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AMD Trinity scores (A10 5700 / A10 5800k)

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  • AMD Trinity scores (A10 5700 / A10 5800k)


    Could you please take a quick look at the scores of the following AMD Trinity cpu's in your db: -

    • AMD A10 5800k - score: 7817
    • AMD A10 5700 - score: 6921

    It appears that the cpu charts are showing those to be faster than Core i7 920 (5447) and even the i5 2500k (671!

    Are the Trinity APU's really that good?

    AnandTech's bench site shows that the A10 5800k is (unfortunately) inferior to both the i7 920 and i5 2500k: -

    A10 5800k vs. i7 920

    A10 5800k vs. i5 2500k

    Also, as a side issue, although these a fairly new cpu's, do you know of any issues thus far with the Trinity APU's as you encountered with the Llano's during your tests and analysis of the benchmarks?

    Many Thanks for your time.

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    We have only a very small sample set for the new 5800k. So the number isn't that accurate as yet.

    There was also a couple of overclocked results in the average lifting the result slightly. I have moved these off to the overclock chart now. So the 5800k's result is down to 7451 today.

    But yes still we are ranking the new
    5800k as faster than the 4 year old i7-920 CPU.

    In PerformanceTest V8 we have rebalanced the CPU tests somewhat and I would expect the 5800k and 5700 to drop relative to the other CPUs slightly once some new PT8 results come in with PT8.


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      Thanks for looking into this.

      Still surprised that Passmark v7 is rating the A10 5800k higher than the i7 920, even though the i7 may be almost 4 years old now, AnandTech's bench shows that it's still a very worthy competitor in almost all cases compared with Trinity (in some cases the i7 is twice as fast in pure cpu performance): -

      ... looking forward to PT8 results


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        The particular Anandtech result you are referring to aren't really doing an apples to apples comparison on the CPU.

        Many of the benchmarks they use are dependant either on the video card's performance, the performance of the hard drive or the performance of the RAM. The Intel 920 CPU was tested with an external video card, while the
        A10 5800k was seemly tested with it's integrated video card. If you are just interested in just CPU performance then you should ignore all the results that are video card dependant (which is most of them), or test the two CPUs with the same external video card.

        It is also worth mentioning that it wasn't a clean sweep. The
        5800k did in fact beat the 920 in the single threaded benchmark and x286 HD benchmarks.

        Nevertheless I agree we are scoring the 5800K higher than some of the other benchmarks out there.

        In PT8 the CPUMark for the for the A10-5700 is around 4500. The CPUMark for the i7-920 is around 5200. So we are rating the 920 above the 5700. But the
        A10-5800K should be faster than the 5700. I suspect they'll come in roughly equal. We just don't have enough PT8 results for the 5800K as yet to know.