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  • nVidia or Intel GFX

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Dell E6410 which has a dodgy motherboard I have to replace. I currently have the motherboard with the Intel 3000HD built in. After doing some research I have found out I can also opt to replace with the other type of motherboard available for this model which has the nVidia 3100m 512mb.

    Now after more research, I have found that the Intel 3000HD performs better in the benchmark results than the nVidia. But I thought the nVidia was meant to be the upgrade, so am a little confused.

    I do play games, mainly old ones (Battlefield 2, C&C Generals, Dawn of War 1 etc) so am pretty sure the gfx on both would be equal for these, but if I wanted to play something a little newer can the nvidia handle it?.

    So which is better, should I go with the benchmark results and stick with the intel or should I trust the supposedly higher spec and go for the nvidia?

    thanks any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you sure that you had the "Intel HD 3000"? According to the Dell website, your laptop comes with 2 video options:

    Video Card

    • NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB gDDR3
      Intel HD Graphics

    If that's the case, then you have Intel's fifth generation graphics, not HD 3000 which is Intel's sixth generation graphics.

    Depending on your processor, you either have a score of 319 (i5-520m), 328 (i5-540m), or 353 (i7-620m). The "upgraded" motherboard with the nVidia card comes in at a whopping 228. I'd stick with the Intel HD graphics if I were you; I've found that the PassMark 3D bechmark is pretty accurate.


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      Specificty, That is the worst advice I have ever heard, when I read it, I up-chucked a little, you should take up gardening or something less technical ....
      Take that E6410, rip out the chip, memory and hard drive and screen, sell them on Craig's list for $80, $25, $40 & $100. Use the rest of your E6410 for target practice and get a Lenovo Ideapad S405 $535.00 minus what you get from Craig's List = $290.00