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POST card for 3.3v PCI?

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  • POST card for 3.3v PCI?

    The POST card sold here only works on the (rapidly vanishing) 5V PCI slots. Where can I find a card that will work on newer 3.3v PCI slots?

    PCIe seems to have the same problem?

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    A machine with only 3.3V PCI slots were actually pretty rare (and redundant now in any case).
    Everyone moved to PCI-E. And this is what will need to happen to this POST card in the medium term in order to support newer machines.

    We don't have a PCI-E solution at the moment. We are aware that the existing card will slowly become redundant without PCI-E support. To date we haven't seen any high quality PCI-E POST cards.


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      Darn, I was hoping you had one coming... The quality of your PCI card is the best I've seen. The motherboards we work with, while mostly using PCI-E, usually have at least one PCI, but it always seems to be 3.3V.

      thanks for the reply!


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        Might have something next year sometime, but really can't be sure at this point.