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Samsung PRO 840 benchmark

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  • Samsung PRO 840 benchmark

    I gotta get me one of them for sure. Fastest SSD by a long shot:
    Samsung S SD 840 Pro Seri 28,323
    next is the poor performing OCZ Revodrive at just 8,000 odd
    Hope I don't end up with the other -
    Samsung S SD 840 Pro Series 4,003


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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After taking a look at the baseline, we believe this result to be invalid. We have thus excluded it from the charts.

    In addition, as we have reach over 10,000 baseline submissions for V8, we will be increasing the minimum number of samples requirement. This is to help avoid few single really good or really bad results from throwing a Harddrive type into a completely incorrect place in the chart. The minimum sample requirement is now set to 2 submissions. We will look to increase this requirement as our database of baseline grows.