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    I built a system in 2007 using the Intel core duo 1.6 with a Gigabyte 965p-ds3 motherboard. I have the Nvidia GeForce 7300GT. I installed windows 7 64 bit on it last year on a new Seagate 1 terabyte hd and added ram for a total of 6 gigs. I am planning on giving this computer to my grandson for Christmas. I would like to build a system similar to this one with of course the faster CPU and Ram. I have been looking for a few weeks and cannot make up my mind on which one to go with ?AMD or Intel. I need to keep the cost as low as I can. I do not plan on gaming but I would like a fast system. I would appreciate any suggestions here. threeputt

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    Intel make the faster CPUs at the moment. (They also use less power and run cooler).

    But AMD are sometimes better value, especially if integrated video/3D performance is important (which is isn't in your case).

    If your budget is really tight here are some low cost, good value CPUs,
    Intel Celeron G530
    AMD A6-3670
    Intel Pentium G860
    AMD A4-3300
    Intel Core i3-3220

    But to be honest they aren't huge step up from what you have.

    If you can spend a bit more consider,
    AMD FX-8320
    AMD FX-8350
    Intel Core i5-3470

    Also, get a SSD, even if that means getting a slightly slower CPU.


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      You are saying these SSD drives will make a big difference. I am also shocked that my system is almost as fast as the i3 and the G860. I know this system is still quite fast. I bought a Dell with the Intel Pentium G630 Sandy Bridge earlier this year for a friend and it seems much faster than mine. I guess I could just update this CPU and keep this old thing and find another one for my grandson. I have flashed the BIOS to the latest and I should be able to get a CPU that is faster. I know computers have only moved faster for gamers. For what I do with a computer this one might just do me a while. Thanks. Tom


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        You are saying these SSD drives will make a big difference.
        A huge difference. It like getting a whole new machine in some cases.

        I know computers have only moved faster for gamers.
        Not true. But you said you were on a tight budget. If you spend the money you can get machines way faster than what you have. It is true however that today's low end CPUs aren't much better than mid range CPUs from a few years back (they use less electricity however).


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          What would you recommend if I wanted to say upgrade to a much faster computer? I wanted to keep the cost under $500 and can use some parts I already have. I also would like to buy the never SSD drives and use the one I have now for backup ( 1 terabyte seagate). I could go with a smaller drive just to load the operating system. I will be using Windows 7 pro 64 bit. I would like a motherboard that could handle at least 16 gigs of ram to be on the safe side for future use. I have been building and working on computers for 15 years so I have experience but have not keep up much with the newer faster systems. I was thinkng that the i7 intel would come down in price being its been out for some time now. Thanks again for your tips. Tom
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            If you change the motherboard, then you'll probably find you also need new RAM, and a new CPU. Maybe even a new power supply. You might be able to keep the existing case, but it won't have front USB3 ports. So you might want a new case as well. So to upgrade to a much faster computer, you'll end up with a whole new machine, more or less.

            If you wanted a cheap upgrade, get a SSD and the best (reasonably priced) CPU that will fit in your current motherboard. It probably has a PBGA479 or LGA775 socket. So maybe a Core2 Quad Q9500 if it is LGA775.

            I don't think you'll get an good i7 machine with 16GB of RAM and a SSD for $500.


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              My current board is the LGA775 socket. I agree with you, I probably should just buy case, P/S and everything. I was just thinking that these i7 CPU's had been out long enough they should be coming down in price. I think I looked a while back and my motherboard does not support the Core2 Quad Q9500. Mine has the Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 now. I am not sure how fast a speed I could gain by upgrading this board to a faster CPU anyway but I do understand what you mean about the SSD hard drives. I upgraded the HD two years ago with one with 32 MB Cache and I noticed a big difference. I do also love windows 7. It handles memory much better and the computer is pretty fast to be a 6 year old board. I guess I am trying to justify me upgrading to the newer boards. Thanks again. I will order me a case and P/S soon and then as I save money I will buy more parts. Tom