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    I'm rather perplexed by these (2) GTX 1060 3D MARK Scores (and I've read your 'why slow cpu-gpu score' advise)

    PC-Mini Core i3 4370 - GTX 1060 3GB = 4433 3D MARK SCORE (GPU Benchmark list says 8837)
    Laptop Core i5 7300HQ - GTX 1060 6GB MAX-Q = 2148 3D MARK SCORE (GPU Benchmark list says 6054)

    The Max-Q version has been tested approx. 13% slower than the standard 1060 6GB 3D MARK Score. of 8800

    I know the drivers need an upgrade by Dell but I get high FPS on both machines and can't explain scores less than 1/2 the posted benchmark score avg.

    Both CPU scores are within an acceptable range of CPU AVG.

    Oh, by the way, thanks for creating such a great swiss army knife of benchmark utilities, I love it.

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    Are the benchmarks low across all of the 3D tests, or does it just crater in one of them?
    Given this appears to be a desktop GPU stuck inside a laptop, are you sure you aren't seeing thermal throttling?


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      Finally, an updated Max-Q Nvidia driver today and the GPU benchmark score shot right back where it should be about 7500.

      Sorry to bother you but how can a new driver make a 330% difference?



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        how can a new driver make a 330% difference?
        It is super easy to write buggy slow software.