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Getting error while running on Windows 2008 R2 SP1

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  • Getting error while running on Windows 2008 R2 SP1

    Downloaded version 8 of the Performance Test 8.0.

    Getting Startup Error Number:9

    Please suggest fix or an alternative.

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    The error indicates file corruption.

    Quickest solution is to delete this folder and re-install.

    Note that
    ProgramData folder is hidden by default in windows. Typing (or copy/pasting) C:\ProgramData\ straight into the file system address bar should take you there.


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      So uninstall will not delete the folder. Tried uninstall and install, same issue.



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        You need to manually delete the folder.


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          So here is the issue. I deleted it and reinstalled it.
          It tries to get the info from the System and locks the whole system for 30 seconds.
          Then it reboots, basically crashes the machine.
          After it starts I start getting this error.

          This is Windows 2008 R2 SP1 OS. Could be due to security related that it is not letting your application to get system info ?


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            This machine is running VirtIO and saw something that when you issue a KVM command it blue screens. Is there a way to run the tests without it getting the system info else its DOA.

            Need to think of some other tests.


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              Security issues would not cause the entire machine to crash.

              I don't know anything about VirtIO nor why VirtIO would blue screen. If the whole machine crashes, it is very likely it is a hardware fault or device driver bug.

              You can add the parameter, SAFEMODE, on the command line to stop PT collecting most system information.


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                How do I add the parameter, SAFEMODE to the command line.

                So run the passmark exe from the cmd line and give the safemode as a parameter. Can you share the command line prompt or does it respond to help to give back a list of parameters it supports. Most likely it is a bug in the device driver. Also this is a VM and doesn't have a display card. So best is to turn off collecting system info



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                  Like in this picture

                  We have tested on VMs and didn't see any startup problems. So it is something special / unusual in the setup you have.


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                    Thanks. Will let you know how it goes.

                    Did you know if someone has run this test on a Windows box running VirtIO VM ?


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                      Never even heard of VirtIO VM.

                      We have tested on Virtual PC, Virtual Box and of course VMWare.