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way to access the Settings menu or Windows Update

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  • way to access the Settings menu or Windows Update


    I am hoping for some assistance.I installed Classic Windows Shell because (for some unknown reason), I lost the functionality of the Start Menu (and associated Volume & Calendar functions) - I could right-click on the Start Button, but no response from left-click. Now when I want to check the Settings, I am unable to access it - the link button does nothing - neither does right-clicking it. I have no way to access the Settings menu or Windows Update.

    Unlike the other post, HyperV is not involved and a re-boot did not help.I would like to have all of the information and also few explainer videos .Any ideas? .I don't want to overwrite any records that they already have in place.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Maybe the left button on your mouse is dead and you need a new mouse.

    Otherwise you could try and debug whatever has gone wrong with Windows (e.g. use the system file checker, SFC), but often the quickest way is to just backup your documents and do a clean install of Windows.