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A10-4600m+Radeon 7730M vs Core i5-3210m+NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M ?

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  • A10-4600m+Radeon 7730M vs Core i5-3210m+NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M ?

    Hello, I'm struggling with which laptop to buy. One is with A10-4600m+Radeon 7730M (with 500GB HDD), and the other Core i5-3210m+NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (with 750GB HDD). The rest are pretty much the same (incl the appearance and the price...)...

    I know very little about the hardware. Could anyone help?

    Fyi, I'll be using it do some programming, incl C/C++, and 2D image processing in matlab. I don't play video games.

    Many thanks!

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    Video card performance isn't important for what you want. They'll all do 2D OK.

    The Core i5-3210m has slightly better multi-threaded performance and much better single threaded performance.

    I would strongly consider paying a bit more however and getting a machine with a SSD.


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      Thank you so very much for responding to my question promptly! SSD would be the next step. It's a bit beyond my budget at this moment~ :P

      I do see many launch their laptops with HDD+SSD. Is that worth buying? Or you could only find difference in turning on/awaking the computer?


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        Hybrid drives can help a bit.
        They are a halfway house between a HHD and SSD. Sometimes they help, other times they don't.