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HP ProBook 4720s battery replacement doubts

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  • HP ProBook 4720s battery replacement doubts

    Hi all
    I have a two year old HP ProBook 4720s laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off...

    Hence, I am looking at replacing the battery. The following are my doubts
    1. The laptop was purchased in the US. Will there be any difficulty getting replacement battery here?
    2. Should I contact Hp or will local stores have replacements?
    3. Will it be possible to go for 9 cell batteries for improved battery life?
    4. Can power surges affect battery life? Is it necessary to connect the power through a surge protector?
    5. More often than not I use the laptop when connected to power, but regularly I need to work without power. Hence, I cant remove the battery as recommended by many. Is it better to have the power always on or regularly discharge the batteries?
    6. I am thinking of getting a cooling pad to improve battery heat dissipation. I want one that is cheap (less than 1000 preferably) and effective. Please suggest brand and model along with approximate cost.

    ps: how about HP ProBook 4720s accu

    Thanks in advance

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    Battery failure is a common laptop problem. Internal shorts, leakage, even fires have been known to occur.

    You should have no problem buying a replacement battery. They fail so often that there is a large demand and many suppliers. Especially in the US.

    Go for the HP unit if the price difference isn't large.

    I don't know what other capacities are available for this machine. You would need to do some research. I would be reluctant to use a different battery chemistry or capacity that what was already in it. The charging circuit in the laptop might not like it (and then for example report incorrect charge levels).

    I wouldn't think a cooling pad is required. At least not for the comfort of the batteries.


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      I'll expand a bit on David's post.

      Chk HP's website to see what battery options are/were availalbe. If a larger capacity was, then you can safely go with the same as a replacement, otherwise David is correct. it's really pushing your luck.

      On the power surge and what not issue, yes they can and do affect the battery. Another and far more critical issue is leaving the unit connected to AC all the time. This shortens the lifespan of a battery far more quickly then anything else due to total number of charge cycles


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        I have heard mixed things about leaving the AC connected. I don't think it is such a clear cut rule. I don't see how leaving the AC connected dramatically increases the number of charge cycles compared to switching between battery and AC power frequently.