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xbox 360, ps4 and wii GPUs benchmark

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  • xbox 360, ps4 and wii GPUs benchmark

    Hi all of you, Im new at this forum and the question that brings me here is that I would like to know what would be the performance of the GPUs from the previous generation of consoles.

    I know that xbox 360 installs a xenos GPU made by ATI and I have read in wikipedia that it may have a performance somewhat near the radeon x1950 xt wich is not listed in the benchmarks. My guess is that it may be near 720? like the geforce gt 630m? Im astonished to see nowadays (low-end, mid-end) laptops with GPUs in the same level as the previous generation of consoles!

    PS3s GPU is made by nvidia and its said that it performs somewhat near the Geforce 7800 GTX wich also is not listed in the benchmarks.
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    You can find a list of video card here.

    I think the Radeon x1950 XT, is also called the Radeon X1950 CrossFire Edition.

    The GeForce 7800 GTX is also in the charts.

    I would be surprised if the Xbox really did as well as a X1950. This article refers to it being similar to a X1800.


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      Thanks for your reply. You are right the Geforce 7800 GTX is listed, i didnt look in mid-end videocards lol. It has just 276 points in performance, it makes more sense being a card so old.

      Well, maybe you are right and the equivalent to the Xbox 360 xenos is the Radeon x1800 XT, I just saw the same page of wikipedia but in spanish instead of english and they state diferent equivalents ( ).

      I think its more likely to be somewhat near the x1800xt the only thing is that this card has only 84 Gflops and the xenos is capable of 240 Gflops so I dont know if its a very good equivalent..