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CPU Mark results have gone down ... WHY?

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  • David (PassMark)

    Something must have changed.
    Most common problem is temperature throttling. e.g. heat sink fell off the CPU.
    So check temperatures to start with.

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  • ngc2359
    started a topic CPU Mark results have gone down ... WHY?

    CPU Mark results have gone down ... WHY?

    This is a new computer, an i7-8700 3.2Ghz, 12G ram. Just after I got it I ran Passmark and the CPU score was around 14400. The median for this processor seems to be around 15200 so that was fine ... now about 2 weeks later I have run it again and now its as low as 10000 and only as high as 11700! That is HUGELY below the nominal rating of this processor and barely faster than the 5 year old i7-4770 I have been using ... the differences between those two times: I installed a Samsung NVMe SSD (its marks are extremely fast) ... and I might have changed system parameters to optimize for performance ... but I can't find any settings that effect it. WHY is there such a substantial drop? All cores are running according to the test. I might have to return the computer (near 30 days since I got it) ...