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    I am in the arbitrage field. I just wanna to know which is the best configuration of pc for fastest software calculation and best router and switch for the fastest broadcast.

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    Does your software support multithreading, or is it single threaded?

    I am guessing latency is the issue and not overall number crunching power.

    So check out the single threaded chart

    But high efficiency software and a good network will beat a good CPU any day of the week.

    For example getting x2 to x10 speed improvements by moving to coding in assembler language is possible. But the fastest single threaded CPUs are only ~$300. Doubling your spend to $600 will only gain you 4%.

    Also saving 50 nanoseconds in the CPU doesn't matter if you loose 5 milliseconds in the network.

    We don't have stats on comparative latency in network devices, but it is an interesting area. The first step of course is to reduce the distance and reduce the number of devices in between the source and destination. A single cross over cable with no switch at all would be best.