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x5687 versus E5-2690 Single Thread speed

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  • x5687 versus E5-2690 Single Thread speed

    Hello benchmark masters. I would like to ask at my benchmark problem. I have two servers dell one with "old one" x5687 CPU and second new one with E5-2690.

    According yours Single Thread Performance

    should be still
    E5-2690 better even if has only 2.9GHZ. But according my personal benchmark (written in java - computing of Mandelbrot set) i have much more better results on old x5687 CPU. Could you please recomend me some another benchmark test if I will be able to compare this. I tried some but I would like to focus on sungle thread benchmark.

    Thanks for tips links etc.


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    You might consider the possibility that your own CPU benchmark is flawed? Maybe it is too dependent on the video card performance if you are rapidly displaying the Mandelbrot set on screen.

    You have to remember that the turbo speed of both these CPUs is the same (3.8Ghz), but the E5 is roughly a year newer, has much higher memory bandwidth, quad memory channels instead of tri, better instructions extensions and way more cache.

    The E5-2690 crushes the x5687 on paper and in beats it in real life as well.


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      Yep I did not think about graphical card. I wonna try this on another high graphical machine.

      Please if you have some offcicial benchmark please sent me a link. I wanna try and compare it on different cpus.

      Thanks Martin


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        Our single threaded benchmark page is the URL you already posted.