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  • New to Computers and Benchmarking.

    Hello All-

    I am relatively new to computers as far as building them, measuring performance, etc. This site and the associated testing program has taught me alot already!

    My previous computer was fairly ancient and I benchmarked it before getting the new computer and it tested as such. Ouch! Even I know this stinks!

    I just ran benchmark on my computer which was just assembled. This is a general purpose home computer (general work, HD videos, etc). I have never been much into gaming (since my Intellevision console for those that are old enough to remember these!), but after seeing some of the new games out there (impressive), I may find a way to waste hours at a time with some of these things. I think this new computer is capable of doing a decent job with games?

    These values look to be pretty good for my build, but Id like those more knowledgable than me to take a look and see if anything looks "off", or if there is anything that I should change about the setup?

    Thanks for the help-----

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    Yes you should have no problem gaming on the new machine.
    The results seem in line or even marginally better than one would expect given the hardware spec.


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      Thank you for the reply David.

      Suffice it to say, that compared to the old piece of junk I had, this computer is phenomenal.

      I DL'ed my first game (Metro 2033) and put the settings as high as theyd go in the game, and it appears to play fine. I am not sure of the FPS though as I havent checked it.


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        There will be some current and future games that you can't play on the absolute max settings. But this is the situation for almost all PC users.