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New MacMini CPUís compared

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  • New MacMini CPUís compared

    Iím puzzled by the following scores:

    i checked some threads to understand the apparent bad CPU value of i5 8500 CP, but found none to help apart from this one :

    I think you know your job and that odd bad score on the i3 was not relevant, but then shouldnít the i5 have better scores for considering its price?

    The i5 8500 price chart shows a 2x rise in the last (r is it next?) week, could it be some kind of typing bug on the new price?

    Thanks for you help.

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    The CPU score rating, CPUMark, for i5-8500 is higher than i3-8100. The CPU Value is based on this CPU Mark divided by the price for the CPU. Our CPU prices are mostly obtained from Amazon and Newegg. At the time of this post, only Newegg was returning a price for the i5-8500, we were not picking up pricing from Amazon*. I have manually added the current price/link from Amazon which should raise the CPU Value for the i5-8500.

    *Short of querying every single CPU using Amazon product query API, which they would probably frown upon, it is not very robust. We instead have to do a general search, e.g "Intel Core i5 CPUs" and try to product match the results with the CPU in our charts.