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Samsung SSD Pro Series vs PNY Prevail Elite

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  • Samsung SSD Pro Series vs PNY Prevail Elite

    why is samsung ssd 840 pro series so bad rated (3490) ? it has read/write speed 550/530 mb/s and 90k/100k write/read ipos. it should be much better than most of the listed ssd?

    manufacturer pny has on their website information about pny prevail elite ssd9sc240geda
    read/write 550/512 mb/s
    random r/w 85k iops
    but it has much better ranking than the samsung ssd (457

    i'm wondering how that could be. if i onla compare the iops the samsung ssd should be better than the ssd from pny?

    br psy

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    We only have a small number of samples for the pny prevail elite. So the result might some down a bit as we collect more data.

    But with SSD and HDD testing the results can vary a lot depending on the test scenario & manufacturer's claims aren't always 100% accurate.


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      I wouldn't touch PNY anything, they just ignore warranty requests.