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Not even half the 3d garphics mark points i should have

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  • Not even half the 3d garphics mark points i should have

    i have a
    Geforce 660 Ti (x2 / in sli)
    i5 3470 @ 3,2 ghz
    asus p8z77-v-lk mobo
    32 gb ram
    win7 x64

    All drivers, windows itself as well as the bios are running the latest stable driver/firmware version, i have played around with all kinds of cuda/physics/SLI on/off combinations, as well as tried out the latest beta gpu driver, but:

    Compared via the baseline feature with other pcs that have the same cpu/gpu combination, my 3d graphic performance is not even half what it should be,
    the passmark chart lists my gpu with 4600 g3dmark-points, other baselines have points closer to ~5000, and my points are in SLI 1956, w/o 765 (although only does the dx10 test when i run them in sli mode, maybe thats ruining the non-sli-score.).

    The "funny" thing is, in the direct-compute test of the g3d test, im in the upper ranks of scores, compared to other baselines.

    Anyone have any Idea what might be the cause of that ?

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    Ah my bad i just switched the vsynch in the driver settings from "let the application decide" to "off", with unlimited fps the score is where it should be. ecxept for the dx9 simple test which still runs at 60 fps max and therefore drags my overall g3d mark points to 2500.