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  • Add Filters to PC Benchmarks

    Since everytime I look at the top 20 "PC SYSTEMS" benchmarks they all have the same processor. This makes the list almost useless to the person that might not have all the money in the world to build a system. It would be very usefull to have a drop down of at least the top 20 or so, different processors, and /or motherboards. That would be very helpfull to people that are seeing what performace they can expect if not using the best.


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    You can find more search and filter options from within PerformanceTest software. PerformanceTest has the ability to search and download thousands from our online database of user submission.


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      Thanks for the information about Performance test software, But the
      option that I want to search on is, Rating, is restricted on the free
      trail. I am a little upset that I can't search on that without buying
      the software that I will only use one time to try and build my next
      computer. My understanding is that all these test results that I would
      like to look at where donated, so why are you charging to see them. I
      can understand if I was making money from the info I would pay. But a
      person that would donate my test results once I built my machine, I find
      the charge a bit offensive.