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  • New rig help!

    Hello everyone, I just put together a new rig with a new motherboard and some used parts. I used the passmark benchmark software and came out with:

    overall: 2409


    2d: 425.5

    3d: 4028

    Memory: 1105

    Disc mark: 2212

    while running the 3D test, I also get "unable to run at desired resolution 1920x1080"

    Now I have

    Asus M5A87 mobo
    8 gb (2 x G.Skill Intl F3-12000CL9-4GBXL)
    AMD FX(tm)-6100 6 core 3.30 ghz
    Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti
    Coolermaster 550 psu
    Corsair GT 120 GB SSD

    According to the graphs my memory should be rated at about double of what it is and my gpu scored 700 less than it should. Are they damaged or is there an adjustment I need to make or something? The scores seem a lot lower than they should be and Im worried something is damaged

    Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!
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    CPU looks to be performing OK.

    3D is a bit below the average, but I would suspect that is because most people who have this high end video card have better CPUs. The single threaded performance of the FX-6100 is pretty ordinary (about the same as Intel Chips from 5 years ago).

    Memorymark value of 1105 is also about what I would expect for this CPU (unless you overclock it). The same RAM on a Intel CPU will get higher bandwidth figures.


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      Thanks for your quick response! oh so everything is functioning as it should and according to the specs?


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        Yes, I don't think there is any hardware fault based on the info above.

        This error "unable to run at desired resolution 1920x1080" might just be because your monitor doesn't support this resolution.


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          So I just rebenchmarked my components and Im getting

          CPU: 5481
          2D Graphics: 428.6
          3D: 4006
          Memory: 1065
          Disk Mark: 3509

          and my max temps during benchmark were (used CPUID HW Monitor)
          CPU: 55C
          GPU: 54C
          SYSTIN: 28C
          AUXTIN: 128C (seems weird and seems like people using the same software for temps get a similar if not higher temp here)
          TMPI3: 40C

          is something damaged or becoming damaged? Im worried that something is breaking down already or is damaged.


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            These seem to be pretty similar results to the first run, within a couple of percent in any case. So I am not sure why this would worry you.

            There is no reason to think anything is broken. At least not based on the information provided.


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              Oh thanks! I was worried because the values changed and I thought that meant that there was a performance issue, so the numbers can deviate a bit (mainly concerned with the CPU) without having something not working properly?