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    4960X benchmark seems way too low.

    4930k benchmark seems high.

    If the benchmarks are true, you'd wonder why anybody in their right mind would pay double the 4930 to get a 4960.

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    Yes, the i7-4960X should be a bit higher, 13,157 CPUMark based on the current (non overclocked results) we have as of today and the i7-4930K a bit lower. 13,410 CPUMark.

    It looks like we aren't picking up the correct turbo speeds for these new CPUs as yet. The consequences of which is that some results are being incorrectly excluded from the charts. We'll get this fixed up shortly. In the meantime I have manually included the additional results in the chart that should be in there.

    The order of the two CPUs above is still not as expected, but they are very close in performance. I suspect as well that the people buying the 4930k are spending more time optimising their systems. As we get more results in I would expect the order to switch around, but for them to remain very close.