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  • Keeping the Current Score

    I thought your score ( last or highest as per options) would stay in the Window when you opened PT but it doesn't.

    I guess to keep results I will just have to take screenshots

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    If you would like to keep results from test runs, you can save them from the File menu options, Save Baseline, will save the current results in a .ptx file that will allow you to reload it again in PerformanceTest. If you do not need to reload them in PerformanceTest, there are options to save the results as image, text, or html as well.

    Lastly, if you submitted your benchmark you can save the URL provided after submission to pull up your results on our website.


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      You would think it would show your previous benchmarks automatically with an option to turn it off and in PREFERENCES it gives you an option of keeping best results or newer results. Seeing that gave me the impression that the results would be there .
      And if anything different it should be a one stop shop in preferences ie. you set what your PREFER here


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        If we display past benchmark numbers at startup, people might get the impression that those numbers represent the current performance of the machine. Which of course they won't. They might be from years ago, when different hardware was installed.