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Explanation of GPU model naming

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  • Explanation of GPU model naming

    So im stuck with an ancient nVidia 9800GTX+OC by MSI, and i'm looking into newer nVidia cards. I've googled all kinds of things, and i don't get the naming of models yet. GT, GTS, GTX, are fine, but now there are Ti and boost versions as well. Which options are better, for example; GTX650 or GT650TiB+

    I'd appriciate an explanation for nVidia's cards, thanks in advance.
    This could make a very helpfull article for the main website
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    Ignore the names, they are just made up for marketing reasons. Like with CPUs they don't always correspond to features or performance.

    Instead look at the specs. Benchmarks, power usage, DirectX version support, price, noise, release date, etc...