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Which Geforce card to get for christmas?

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  • Which Geforce card to get for christmas?


    I want to buy a graphic card for my bf for christmas.. the budget is around 500$ and I was looking into either a 780 or a 770OC...

    Which one will you guys recommand and why? (I have some knowledge of videocard but was looking into getting more indepth input..)


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    If it was my money I wouldn't get the GeForce GTX 780, simply because it is too expensive and these cards go out of date so quick. (but maybe you have more spare cash than me?)

    Instead the GTX 770 or 670 or 760 are all better value for money. I look at it from the point of view that you can upgrade a lot more often if you only spent $250 on a video card rather than $500.


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      I am looking at similar. I'm torn between 2 x GTX 760's in SLI or 1 GTX 780. Money is about the same. Performance is about the same. 2 x 760's use more power - will the current Power Supply keep up?
      A lot of forums say to buy the single card you can afford as you can get another one down the track. But this doesn't seem to account for the power supply.
      Also a 780 (or 780ti or 290/X) doesn't make much sense these days as they're really made to power higher (eg 4k) than 1080p HD screens. That's if your interested in games. For me, I'm mainly after the CUDA cores to get better hardware acceleration for making videos.
      I feel that a 770 would be better than a 780 but a 760 probably would be better again. I still think of 770's being pretend 7 series cards - after all they're just an overclocked 680. 760's seem to be the 'sweet spot' for gaming cards at the moment.

      What graphics card has your boyfriend currently got? Is his PC mainly for playing games? What games? Has he got a 1080p monitor? What Power Supply has he got?
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