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Excepionally high memory latency

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  • Excepionally high memory latency

    While browsing through the System tab I noticed something quite disturbing. The timings of my RAM in both slots are 7-219-55-120, which is absurd. Normally RAM has timings in the low double digit values, like 11-11-11-28.

    Has something gone terribly wrong with my RAM? I don't see any real world performance issues so far.

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    I doubt the RAM is really that slow.
    What are the specs of the machine?
    What version of PerformanceTest are you using?

    If you are using the latest patch release, can you EMail us a debug log.


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      I've just put it together and downloaded PerformanceTest today, so I'm sure it's the latest patch. Here are my specs, I've also e-mailed both log files to the address listed on the linked page.

      cpu: Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3
      motherboard: SuperMicro X10SAT
      memory: 2x Crucial 8GB 1600MHz ECC DDR3 1,35V
      video card: XFX Radeon 7970HD
      disk: Samsung 840 Pro SSD

      By the way, System tab also says my RAM sticks have 262000 MB/s. (No further info supplied so I don't know if that's read or write) but that figure is also ridiculous.