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  • Low 2d graphic

    My 3d mark is around 91% ,while my 2d mark is only around 200 and it lowers my overall percentage. What part of the computer is responsible for 2d , so i can upgrade it?

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    It sounds like you are using Windows 7?

    Some 2D test scores and the 2D mark value in older versions of Windows (eg Windows 7) will be far lower in PerformanceTest V10 as it isn't possible to scale meaningfully when multiple tests can't be run.

    Newer versions of Windows have added more available 2D drawing APIs such as PDF and SVG rendering functions. These are built into Win10 but missing completely from Win7.
    The PDF and SVG test will not be able to run in Windows 7 at all due to missing Windows API functions. Also modern 2D graphics (e.g. in browser rendering) is more often using DirectX to display the image. The performance advantage of DirectX over traditional 2D GDI functions can be very dramatic (often over 10x). So parts of the Image Filters and Image Rendering tests may not be able to run in Windows 7 unless DX11 is installed and a DX11 compatible video card is being used.


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      I have the same problem in that my 2D score is much lower than expected my score for windows interface is 42% I am running

      Windows 10 64 bit
      Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz
      64 GB Corsair DDR4 SDRAM PC4-25600

      I had a better 2D score when i had a 5700 video card now with a new Gforce 2080 super i am getting a lower score

      Any idea where i can get help to sort this out?

      many thanks for any replys
      Regards Poppy Ann.


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        For 2D, the cost of a video card isn't a good indicator of its performance.
        (the video card vendors spend all their effort on getting 3D to work fast. 2D is largely ignored)

        But for the Windows interface test, this is also dependent on the CPU's performance and the Window's graphics settings. There isn't a great deal of video card acceleration. Are you sure nothing else changed between changing the video cards.


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          I'm glad I found this thread.

          I just bought a gtx 1650 super. My 2D score is...


          Average for this card is 746. I ran it in windows 7 because I'm reconfiguring a bunch of stuff (raid card, new ssd, former dual boot... yada yada) and my Windows 7 partition is still the only totally functional OS.