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    Hello everyone! I had the unlucky experience of having my laptop go bad last night. Before everyone asks I tried everything and the CPU just went bad so its no good. I have a gig on Saturday so now I am in a rush to buy another laptop before then. I want to get a new Macbook BUT I use Traktor Pro and the S4 and according to several forums the current Macbooks and the S4 are not working together very well so I am going to wait until they get all those kinks fixed. In the meantime I need a laptop to get me through my upcoming gigs. I was using
    HP G6-2238DX which had a AMD A8-4500 Quad core processor. It worked OK with Traktor about 80% of the time, but I still would get random Traktor crashes and pops and clicks in my sound unless I turned EVERYTHING off (Wi-Fi, DVD Drive, Etc.) I am currently looking at a Toshiba Satellite which has the Intel I3-3110M chip and 6gb OF RAM , but I noticed it was a dual core and not a quad. To get to the point. I checked and my old processor had a benchmark of 2695 while the Toshiba im looking at has a benchmark of 3075. Im not to versed on the current processor market, but I was wondering how the Intenl I3-3110M, according to benchmarks, is better than the AMD A8-4500 when the Intel is dual core and the AMD is quad core? Am I thinking too much into this? My budget is close to $500 so would the Toshiba be safe bet? Traktor is a tricky beast that I need to run without crashing so any and all help would be appreciated!

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    I have never heard of Traktor, but I am not in the music industry. Generally if software crashes across a range of machines, then it is due to software bugs (of device driver bugs if some hardware accessory is involved). This means no matter what PC you run the software on, it is still going to be buggy. The best course of action is to pressure the software developer to fix the bugs.

    For single threaded performance the Intel chip is way better than the AMD chip. So the 2 faster cores add up to about the same as the 4 slower ones in the AMD chip. Plus for any software that is single threaded and CPU bound, the Intel chip will be around 40% faster. Should run cooler as well and use less power.