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ipad vs iphone vs intel cpu's?

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  • ipad vs iphone vs intel cpu's?

    i use the and
    anyway to merge them???
    for example, is a 5 year old Acer with Atom N455, cpu 290 points, rank 1701, how does that rank with an ipad 2, 3, 4
    Above is just one example

    My goal to compare ipads and other tablets with existing and much older intel cpu’s, any site for this?

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    Direct comparison of the CPUMark values between Windows and mobile platforms are not recommended although some of the individual values are broadly comparable.

    There are differences in programming languages, compilers, how much RAM is available, how multi-threading is done, what functions are available in each different operating system and what 3rd party libraries are available. For example we saw huge differences in encryption performance depending on if hardware accelerated AES was available and exposed via the O/S API.