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Why the high price for GTX 670?

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  • Why the high price for GTX 670?

    GTX 670's were down to about $400 before the 7 series was introduced. In Australia, MSY, PCCG and CPL don't stock them any longer. UMart has them for about $450. On eBay (Aus) you can buy them 2nd hand (from Australia) for around $250 to $300. But eBay also lists them from England with a Buy Now price of over A$800!
    They are all Out of Stock in NewEgg. They are about $450 new on Amazon and $300 used.

    Now I have one (from eBay) and think its particularly good for the $ (about $250 for mine - used). But at $829 it doesn't look like good value (Price Performance). This seems to be the price you'd pay in the UK if you were nutty enough to do so.

    I hope to get a second one soon. 2 of them should perform at least as well as a GTX 780 ($650 in Aus new). And with a total of 2688 cuda cores, I think it'll be good value to me for video editing.

    Is the GTX670 the only questionable Price? For non-current cards, should we use say final auction prices from eBay?

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    Overview: The pricing is updated automatically via scripts. The scripts query the API provided by NewEgg and Amazon to obtain current pricing, as it would be inefficient for someone to manually update the charts everyday and check for new prices for all of our videocards, CPUs and hard drives.

    We send a general search string (e.g. "Nvidia Video Cards") to the API and in return we get a large number of results (>1000s) to filter through. However, Amazon limits the number of the actual results that you can actually obtain (first ~100 items). As a result, some prices for videocards were not recorded and in this case for the GTX 670, we did not obtain the lowest possible price.

    To lower the chances of this happening again, we will break up the blanket general search into multiple calls to the API with more specific search strings (e.g. GeForce GTX 6XX). With the more specific search, this should in effect allow us to narrow the results better. However, as side effect, we may possibly miss prices for some of the older videocards that were appearing when we did the vague search string.


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      Thanks Richard - $380 seems more realistic. The Price/Performance looks better.