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Name confusion: What is "Intel Coffee Lake UHD" and "Intel UHD 630"

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  • Name confusion: What is "Intel Coffee Lake UHD" and "Intel UHD 630"

    Its well-known that the Processor Graphics of the COFFEE LAKE CPUs og Intels is called "UHD 630" - so what is "Intel Coffee Lake UHD"?

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    For the most part, the naming of the videocard are obtained from what the graphic driver provides. There seems to be a time when the old Intel drivers identify them as "Intel Coffee Lake UHD Graphics". See below picture, first one is a from my own machine and the second and third entries were from baselines submitted by other users. From the nine (9) samples in our database, it seems that the name could of came from i5-8400, i7-8700 and i7-8700K.

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      Thanks - so its the same.
      Then I do not understand the big difference in G2D Rating?

      There was a time, where these Processor Graphics also could be found in your "Video Card Mega List Back there the G2D for "UHD 630" was steady around the 840 - Now it suddenly has a very, very low score: 293

      And just for three month ago the Intel UHD 630 and the former Intel HD 630 (840 G2D) beats GPUs like GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER (821 (now 890) G2D) :

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      David (PassMark) Administrator told me it was because the "Video card manufacturers stopped caring about 2D performance a long time ago"
      What happening?


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        With the release of PerformanceTest V10 we changed the 2D tests a lot. There is less use of GDI+ and more use of DirectX and we used a couple of new WIn10 features (like SVG rendering).
        Generally speaking DirectX is much hard to write code for, but performs better than GDI+.

        So the 2D results changed a lot. Especially for older Win7 systems.