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Quadro T2000 3Dmark 52 percentile, 2D Mark 30 Percentile

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    Are you using windows 7?

    Some 2D test scores and the 2D mark value in older versions of Windows (eg Windows 7) will be far lower in PerformanceTest V10 as it isn't possible to scale meaningfully when multiple tests can't be run.

    Newer versions of Windows have added more available 2D drawing APIs such as PDF and SVG rendering functions. These are built into Win10 but missing completely from Win7.
    The PDF and SVG test will not be able to run in Windows 7 at all due to missing Windows API functions. Also modern 2D graphics (e.g. in browser rendering) is more often using DirectX to display the image. The performance advantage of DirectX over traditional 2D GDI functions can be very dramatic (often over 10x).

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  • Quadro T2000 3Dmark 52 percentile, 2D Mark 30 Percentile

    I've read a bit about this discrepancy between 3D and 2D performance having to do with microsoft updates. Still, what would explain my GPU running with such a low 2D score (274), lower than many cheaper graphics cards, while giving a 3D score (7112) that is perfectly healthy? Is there any way to solve this? Could this indicate some kind of defect in the card?
    I notice most of the 2D tests were only taking up a quarter of the screen. This laptop has a 4k display, could it be a resolution issue?