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Are the PT10 G2D Mark score usable?

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  • Are the PT10 G2D Mark score usable?

    After the change from PT9 to PT10 many of us have notice a big change in the G2D Mark
    But what does this score really reflect in real life computer usage?

    One of the thing where I can see a big benefit of good 2D skills is when you speed up (fast forwarding/seeking) a video
    Not long ago in the PerformanceTest v9 days - the Intels integrered Graphics in their CPUs like the UHD 630 beats the hell out of many of the expensive dedicated Graphic Cards. But with the new PT10 - it now has to deal with a score of 297 (PTv9 something around 850)
    So know my old Geforce GTX 650 card (PTv10 G2D score: 336) is better than the Intels UHD 630

    When I speed up a video (h.264 or H.265) in VLC (trying all relevant settings) with the GTX 650 in the slot things starts to went wrong already around a speed at 8X
    With Intels UHD 630 I can speed up to 72X and The video still runs by smooth

    Running Win 10 64

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    There were large changes to the 2D tests. So the PT9 and PT10 results aren't very comparable.
    I haven't tested speeding up videos 72x times, but Intel's better performance might be a optimised codec in the driver.