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4960HQ vs 4940MX

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  • 4960HQ vs 4940MX

    Hi, hope I'm not repeating a thread here. I notice the i7-4960HQ is somewhat superior to the supposedly flagship 4940MX, both in single and multi-threaded tests. This is in spite of the 4940MX having higher base clock and turbo stages. Is this down to the on-board eDRAM die functioning as L4 cache during the benchmark tests or are the core architectures different?

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    We don't have the i7-4960HQ in house to test with so it is hard to give a good answer.
    But yes it might be the eDRAM that makes the difference, I have seen reports of this making a 5% - 10% difference in CPU performance.

    On the other hand we don't have a lot of samples for the
    4940MX as yet and the result might improve slightly as we get more data in.